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Discounted holiday at the sea in Italy



Coupon discounted offers for a sea holiday in Calabria, a region with more than 700 km of shorelines that lay in the both sides of the Ionian sea and Tyrrhenian sea. It is really the variety of its landscape that make this region so particular because just here it possible to see the sun rising on the Ionic side and setting on the Tyrrhenian's. The cost of Calabria is a succession of golden beaches, cliffs and promontories like Capo verde, rich of caves and wonderful beaches of white sand that overlooks the crystal sea. 

In Calabria there are several well-equipped sea resort like Tropea, Capo Rizzuto and Amatea and they are so charming and lovely that they helped Calabria to become one of the most wanted places for a sea holiday. So choose on Italy coupon travel discounted offers for a sea vacation at the seaside in the enchanting Calabria.


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