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The region Latium

Take the opportunity to visit one of the most important regions of Italy: Latium, region of culture and history but above all of the capital of Italy Rome. Choose from the proposals of Italy Travel Coupon the most attractive and economical offer for your family in Lazio,you won' t regret it!

The holidays in Latium means essentially holiday in Rome, the city where the roots of Italian history stand, passing from the ancient Latin civilization up to our days. Besides Rome with its monuments, archaeological areas, museums, Latium  is a continuous discover.  From the ancient Tuscia that preserve testimony of the Etruscan civilization, to Tivoli, Guidonia, is a collection of archaeological sites, ruins, graves and evidence of antiquity.
But Latium is not only art and history, its nature offers beautiful landscapes. The coast offers a crystal clear sea with dreamy promontories  as San Felice Circeo, Sabaudia, Sperlonga, etc.
The interior of the region is full of hills and greenery and the mountain with the Terminillo offers also ski slopes.
Finally for holidays in Latium we would like to remind you the delicious food and wine tours of Latium that it is very popular thanks to the dishes of traditional Roman cuisine.
A vacation or a weekend in and around Rome is always a new emotion and a new discover.

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